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Welcome to the 2017 OMT Seminar

The Percussion Hammer

presented by Richard Koss, DO


Attestation Forms

Please make sure to complete the attendee sign in sheet each day of the conference. This is the attestation form required for CME Credit. 


 Faculty Bio


Program Materials


Program Evaluation


Program Agenda

Friday, September 15

7:30 am Continental breakfast

8:00am Welcome:  questions, goalsIntroductory concepts:  Dr. Still (pg 36), “Touch of Life,” Def. Doctor/physician

Dr. Fulford’s  History of vibration and percussion. (Dr. Fulfords’s quote)
Video of Dr. Fulford, history (20 mins). Comments and clarification.

 Case Studies: Video of boy with chronic otitis media. (Dr.Weil ‘s video)

Dr. Fulford: Legacy paper

Steroid dependant  asthma in 8 year old female.

Tibial torsion in 2 ½  year old boy scheduled for serial casting.

 Fascia, bioelectric properties, trauma, life force, energy.


10:30 Break


10:45  Bill Doyle on Ted Med. (UTube video)

 Lab session: Groups of two: general treatment of one leg (Dr.’s normal approach    to hip, knee, or ankle)

Diagnosis of subtle motion/energy

Assess the delicate motion = “subtle energy”

Use of correct hand on the sensory side of body.

Tube of water exercises: “Thoughts are things”

Think vs do (Mind)

Energy follows thought

Thoughts are energy which is vibration

Anatomy; quantum physics, solids vs energy

“Green Sky Osteopathy”

Magnet Exercises


12:30 p.m. LUNCH


1:30 p.m. Vibration paper (Fulford Video): comments

Rhythmic balanced interchange paper: (Fulford video)

Comments: polarity, neutral, Unity, creator, holograms,  Fulford’s fulcrum.

Lab session: Shock release; Percussion/ vibration technic  without the percussor.

Discussion of the Foredom Motor:                   Basic technic in use on patient:

            Parts                                                                          Frequency

            Care                                                                           Pad pressure

            Grease                                                                       Vibration/resonance

            Clean                                                                          Thought/intention

            Repair                                                                        Motor as extension of hands


3:30 Break


3:45 Lab session: General technic of percussion on a body part. (knee)

Lab session: “Raising your own vibrational /vital energy.”


                        For patients to keep treatment process going.

                        Exercises (except breathing exercise)                  


5:30 – 6:00 Discussion/Questions


Saturday, September 16


 8:00 a.m. Review:  LIFE

            Life energy, E/M fields, Quantum physics

            Vibration, rhythmic balanced interchange

            Thoughts are things, think vs do

            Percussor as extension and amplifier of Dr’s hands.

            Law of specific intent/ focus (tension / restriction)

            Perfection;  ATStill

 Delivery of New Born: Birth process; Trauma to knee, Shoulder, head.

 Lab session: Diagnosis 1) Traditional diagnosis as taught in school.

                                            2) Tube of water/ subtle energy

                                            3) Tibial Tubercle

Lab session: Treatment of knee.

                                    Location of percussor pad.


                                    Pad pressure (rhythmic balanced interchange)

                                    Vibrational resonance of restriction

                                    Dr.’s focus of attention/thought

                                    Bring to fulcrum

                                    Feel release



10:15 Break


10:30 Lab session: Diagnosis and use of percussor on;




            Technic to treat knee with hands


12:00 Lunch


1:00 Lab session: Diagosis and use of percussor on;

                        Sacro-coccygeal junction




3:30 Break


3:45 Breath paper

Lab session: Breathing exercise: Piston breath

                        Review and perform exercises from day one


5:30 – 6:00 Discussion/Questions

Case history: 35 year old man with scoliosis

                        16day old, failure to thrive


Sunday, September 17


 8:00 a.m. Review

Treatment reactions

 Common faults with the percussion hammer

Disclaimer: 4 months

 Lab session: diagnose and use percussor on;


                        Thoracic (no higher than C7)

            Manipulative procedures


 10:00 Break


10:15 Lab session: Diagnose and use percussor on;

                        Diaphragm( right to left)

                        Cervicle spine

                        Upper extremity:





12:00 Lunch


1:00 Lab session: diagnose and use percussor on:


                        Warning; primordial origins

Discussion: Structuring the office visit and Osteopathic treatment  w/  percussor.



3:00 END

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