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Thank you for taking the time to advocate for the profession and preserving payment for OMT


Please take a moment to email Representative Greenlick (Chair of the House Health Care Committee), and request that OPSO bill, SB 963A be scheduled for a work session. 


Representative Mitch Greenlick can be reached at 503-986-1433, or at  

SB 963A aims to solve the OMT reimbursement denials that many OPSO physicians have been facing. The bill states that insurers cannot deny reimbursement for either OMT or Evaluation and Management (E&M) based solely on the fact that the two services occur on the same day. 

Here are a few talking points:

- Representative Greenlick, I understand that you have already held a public hearing on SB 963 in your Health Care Committee. As a physician who practices OMT, I respectfully request that you also schedule this bill for a work session before the upcoming second chamber deadline. 


- Physicians in Oregon are being inappropriately denied payment for Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) and Evaluation & Management (E&M) services. These payment denials have significant impacts on patients in Oregon as insurers are forcing denial or causing delays in the delivery of care.


- Please help preserve physicians' options in effective treatments for pain. Given the current opioid crisis that our state is facing, it does not make sense to place unnecessary barriers to providing OMT to treat pain.


- OMT is a highly specialized, physically demanding, time intensive process that provides exceptional benefits for the patient.. Physicians deserve to be reimbursed for this covered service.

- When a physician performs E&M, and then prescribes an opioid, they have no problem being reimbursed for the E&M. This is not the case when a physician performs OMT.


- SB 963 is not an insurance coverage mandate. It simply says that an insurer cannot deny reimbursement for a covered service based solely on the fact that it occurred on the same day as a different covered service. If there is actual misuse of the billing codes, fraud, or other issues, the insurer is still has an avenue to deal with those.


- This bill passed out of the Senate unanimously, and received NO opposition testimony during its House Committee hearing



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